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General Terms and Conditions Policy for individual and group travel to Georgia

Dear Sir/Ms,

These Terms of Use govern your use of the Taste of Georgia Tours Website. Your use of this website means you accept these Terms of Use. “You” means the website user and “we” or “us” means the website owner, Taste of Georgia.

Trips around Georgia with us
  1. Booking: Acceptance of booking is subject, on the part of the travel Organizer, to space availability and will become effective upon confirmation by the Organizer.

2. Payment: 100% in advance.


3. Price validity: Prices are calculated on the basis of tariffs of carriers and accommodation facilities and tourist services rates, as well as currency exchange rates in effect on 31 December, 2005. Prices are expressed in Euros.


4. Alterations of contractual terms: 

a) Before departure, the Organizer, who may need to make a major alteration to one or more elements of the contract, will immediately notify-the traveler in writing, specifying the type of alteration and the consequent price variation. The Traveler must then communicate his/her choice to the Organizer within 2 days from-the time he/she receives the communication of variation; in the case that the Traveler does not accept the alteration proposal, he/she can withdraw from the contract without penalty. 

B) After departure, if a significant proportion of the services contracted cannot be provided, the Organizer will offer adequate alternative arrangements to the scheduled trip at no-extra cost to the Traveler, or will reimburse the latter the difference between the services originally offered and those provided, save compensation for possible further damage-caused to the Traveler. If no alternative arrangements are possible or if the Traveler does not accept the alternative arrangements for a just cause, the Organizer will provide-equivalent means of transportation for the Traveler’s return to the point of departure or to other convened location, compatibly with means and space availability, and will reimburse the difference between the cost of expected services and that of the services provided up to the time of the premature return.


5. Cancellation Policy: Free cancellation up 24 hours before the tour starts. Payment will not be refunded for any other reason (i.e. weather, change of travel plans, illness, missed train…) within 24 hours of the scheduled tour. No refund will be granted for late arrivals.


6. Substitution: The traveler who cancels may have another person take his/her place, provided he/she gives notification at least 1 working days before departure and provided-that such person satisfies the requirements regarding documents, visas and that no problems arise from requesting terms that are different from the original ones.In the case of a substitution, the canceling traveler and the person taking hi/her place are personally liable, to the Organizer or the Vendor, for the payment of the balance,as well as the above-mentioned supplementary expenditure. The Organizer will, free of obligation and responsibility, refund any amount he may recover from services not-provided as a result of the cancellation.


7. Cancellation of the journey by the Organizer: Taste of Georgia Tours may at any time cancel the contract, in whole or in part, under art. 10 of Law 1084 of 27 December, 1977,without indemnity save the refund of any payments received by the traveler: due to circumstances of exceptional character; if the minimum number of travelers has not been-reached, provided the traveler has been informed at least 1 days before departure. If unable to provide the contracted services during the course of the journey, Taste of Georgia will promptly act to assist the traveler. If, due to reasons of logistics or force majeure (road conditions, strikes, time-table variations, museum closings,delays or irregularities), the organization may vary the schedule, and the same will propose alternative itineraries and/or visits to other museums at no extra cost,notifying the traveler before departure.


8. Circumstances of exceptional character: Strikes, cancellations due to adverse weather conditions, war, civil or military strife, riots, natural disasters, sack, terrorist activity:these and similar others, constitute causes of force majeure and are not chargeable to the carriers or the Organizer. If due to such causes, the Organizer will not be responsible-for any possible extra costs born by the traveler, and will not provide refunds for any services not used or provided.10. Consumer’s rights: When the consumer exercises his/her right to withdraw from the Contract in the cases indicated in paragraphs 4) and 5), or the tourist package is cancelled-before departure for causes chargeable to the Organizer, the consumer has the right to another package of equivalent or superior value at no extra cost or to one of inferior-value with a refund of the price difference; alternatively he/she will be refunded the sum paid, within 7 working from the time of withdrawal or cancellation. Moreover, where the-traveler is able to provide specific proof, he/she has the right to be compensated for further damage caused by the failure to execute the contract.


9. Organizer’s liabilities: The Organizer shall be liable for any damage caused to the traveler as a result of non-performance, in whole or in part, of the contracted services due,both if the latter were provided by himself or an intermediary service provider was used, and will pay compensation for the damage suffered by the traveler, save for his/her right-to be compensated by the intermediary supplier. In this case the Organizer shall subrogate any rights and actions the traveler may have against a third party responsible for such-damage. The Organizer ‘s liability for any damage caused to the traveler as a result of a total or partial failure to fulfill the obligations in accordance with the present contract, is-governed by the international laws and conventions quoted in paragraph 1). Therefore under no circumstances will the Organizer’s liability towards the traveler exceed the limits-set by the above mentioned laws and conventions in relation to the damage reported; moreover the Organizer is relieved of any responsibility where the non-performance reportedby the travelers is due to causes attributable to the traveler himself/herself or to a third party unrelated to the provision of the contracted services, or is due to an accidental or to aforce majeure or to an independent initiative undertaken by the traveler during the course of the journey. Taste of Georgia will in any case do whatever is in its power to assist the traveler who finds himself/herself in any trouble.


10. Liabilities of carriers and service providers: The carriers are liable toward the travelers relative to the duration of transport by their vehicles in compliance with their-transportation terms. The programs are provided under the sole responsibility of the Organizer. They are not therefore provided on behalf of the carriers and service providers-whose services are utilized during the journey.


11. Travelers obligations: The journey participants must be in possession of a personal passport or other document valid in the countries included in the itinerary (Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Turkey), in addition to the necessary visas and vaccinations. They must also follow the rules of normal caution and diligence, to all information provided by the Organizer as well as to the administrative-and legislative norms and dispositions in force in the visited countries. The participants will be liable for any damage the Organizer may suffer due to their non-compliance to what-has been indicated above.


12. Refunds for non-provided services and for complaints: Any failure in the execution of the contract must be contested at the moment it occurs (or in any case without delay, by telephone or other appropriate means) so that the Organizer, his/her local representative or the guide may redress them promptly. Requests for possible refunds relative to non-provided services or complaints of any other nature will be forwarded exclusively by registered letter to Taste of Georgia, within 10 days of the conclusion of the journey, or lose the possibility of compensation. No refund will be granted for services paid but not used or expected due to causes that are attributable to the participant.


13. Liability – Taste of Georgia LTD is not liable in respect of personal injury, loss or damage of luggage by the client, or death. The company is not responsible for any injury, loss, delay, inconvenience caused by natural disasters.


14. Travel Insurance – Travel Insurance is strongly recommended to cover cancellations due to unforeseen circumstances or those beyond your control (flight delays, weather, theft, injury, etc). We also recommend a medical and personal insurance to cover medical expenses, emergency flights, and loss of baggage or personal belongings.


15. Late Arrivals for Small Group Tours & Experiences – Upon confirmation of your booking you will receive all relevant details on meeting locations and start times. You are asked to arrive at the meeting point 10 minutes prior to the start of the tour experience. We cannot guarantee you will find your guide if you fail to arrive at the meeting point on time. In the event this occurs, Taste of Georgia LTD is not responsible for any claim of refund or even partial refund. We will do our best to accommodate you if you arrive late and the tour has already begun, however no refunds will be issued, in accordance with our cancellation policy, if you are unable to join us due to late arrival.


16. Delays with Private Experiences / Private Transfer Services – If you anticipate you will be delayed for any reason, it is your responsibility to contact our office at (+995 598 553546 or +995 599 988 905). We cannot guarantee that a rescheduled pick-up time or day will be possible at no additional charge for last minute cancellations.


17. Discounts – If you have a Discount Code or qualify for one of our promotional discounts, they must be applied BEFORE purchase. Contact us for more information.


18. Last minute bookings – Taste of Georgia always strives to deliver every single service that has been booked through In the rare events of a last minute bookings, Taste of Georgia cannot guarantee that the service can be delivered due to lack of available tour guides and/or available tickets. In these rare occasions, Taste of Georgia is responsible to contact the customer and offer an alternative tour, a new starting time or a full refund. The customer is always welcome to call or email Taste of Georgia before proceeding with a last minute booking in order to secure the tour or service.

Carlo is a British traveller and travel guide blogger. He believes that “to live your dream you have to go for it” and explore new cultures and countries. He often joins day trips and later writes posts about his experiences. When he visited Tbilisi he decided to join our wine tasting trip from Tbilisi to Kakheti and wrote about it in his blog and on trip advisor.

About Us

Taste of Georgia Tours was founded in 2016 with the aim of bringing one of the most famous traditions of Georgia, hospitality, to the tourism industry.

We are here to help solo travellers, groups and families create superior experiences in Georgia. You can comfortably browse and book our tours online or contact us for customized, luxury trips from Tbilisi and tailor made MICE vacations.

We pride ourselves on being LGBT friendly. We are more than a tour operator in Tbilisi, we are a community.

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