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Taste of Georgia is Georgian tour company. We are your one-stop-partner for plan tailor made trip to Caucasus. With our customized Georgian tours you can decide everything – local guided visits, unique bespoke tours, personalize culinary cooking classes, experience Kakheti and Kartli wines, hand-picked cozy accommodations, airport transfers with comfort to/from (TBS, GYD, KUT, EVN, BUS) and more. shall we look at the details?

Customize Your Vacation to Georgia: Holiday, Tours, Packages, & More

Discover the Georgia your way, Our flexible plans offer the best custom tours Georgia price & costs for each traveler a more intimate and authentic travel experience. Also, complete control over your journey – from changing start and end dates and locations, especially with the help of a local guide to see regional cultural differences. Embark Caucasus adventure on your own terms. Reserve now, pay later, and get bonuses!


Custom & Private Tours Georgia

Good for those travelers seek authenticity and a deeper connection with country.

Have a tight schedule and want maximize their experience by optimizing travel time.

We Understnd your Wish

Active Holiday, the Easy Way

Planning a hike trip can be overwhelming – let us handle the details.

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Helping to design trip

Tailor activities to your interests

Visit iconic landmarks, Borjomi National Park, and more.

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Bespoke Georgia Journeys

with more flexibility

journey in the heart of the Caucasus region

visit wineries in Kakheti to sample the endless variety of fine natural wines.

or driving to breathtaking scenery of mountain villages.

Greater Caucasus Awaits

Private Georgia Tours: with Local Tour Guides, Tailored Itineraries

Whether you’re a busy professional, an avid history enthusiast, or a foodie seeking culinary adventures, we tailor unforgettable experiences in Georgia just for you. Our Georgia Private Tours offer itineraries with classic cultural journeys throughout Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan. We also Customize plans for outdoor activities like hiking and mountain biking in the Greater Caucasus, wellness retreats, private photography expeditions, family heritage journeys, and more. Let’s find how it works.

Share Your Travel Vision

Fill out a form to share your travel dreams with us, desired dates, travel style, activities types and any special requests you have in mind.

Collaborate & Refine

We’ll create your initial draft of the itinerary with your preferences and interact with you to adjust it until it perfectly matches your vision.

Confirm journey roadmap

Once you’re happy with every detail of the proposed tour programme, confirm your booking and secure your unforgettable adventure. 

Relax & Unwind

Sit back and relax! Your dedicated tour planner will handle everything, so you can simply focus on creating memories that will last a lifetime. Just show up and get ready to discover the magic of Georgia.

Meet Your Private Tours in Georgia Trip Planner

Explore country beyond the ordinary with help of our local tour planning specialists, with their intimate knowledge of Georgia, will design an itinerary that resonates with your interests, from choosing must-see destinations to uncovering hidden gems. They will provide helpful tips to ensure a seamless journey. start planning trip with Taste it’s easy

Your specialist on Georgia Private Tours, Customize & Personalize Itineraries

We’re more than happy to be able build your dream itinerary to Georgia. Whether you have a few hours or several days to explore, we can tailored plan your route in detail according to your willingness that caters to your travel style.

Reach out to us and together, we’ll bring your vision of exploring Caucasus region to life.

Please note: e.g. our minimum trip budget includes 2 travelers for 7 days of travel, and starts at € 3300  
Please, fill in this form and it will be much easier to offer you an itinerary which exactly matches your preferences.

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Travel in the Caucasus with us! As a Tbilisi-based Caucasus tour company, Taste of Georgia offers customizable Armenia & Georgia vacation tours, perfect for solo travelers, families with kids, friends groups, and personalize itineraries. Book one-day trips from Tbilisi, culinary journeys, and active outdoor explorations. Excellent value of journeys with a variety for every taste.

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