Adventurer spirit is at the heart of our Caucasus travel itineraries. That's why we offer customized Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia small group tours – designed to turn you into a true Caucasus explorer. Follow your curiosity to the Caucasus, nature, traditions and culinary. Whether traveling solo or with loved ones, discover Why Taste of Georgia is your expert local team to explore mountain villages, ancient landmarks, and the best of Caucasus cuisine.

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Why Travel with Taste of Georgia?

Since 2017, people choose our crafted private & custom group trips in Georgia and Armenia. As a Tbilisi-based Caucasus tour company, travelers’ satisfaction is our priority and still have 100% positive feedback. We firmly believe that get to know country happens in intimate settings. Our Georgia small group tours and Armenia Private trips (available from Tbilisi, Kutaisi, or tailored to start and end in Tbilisi) suit travelers special interests.

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So you can begin planning travel to the Caucasus made easy.

Welcome to Taste of Georgia, where we transform typical Caucasus travel into something special and unique. Join us on a journey to explore the unknown parts of the South Caucasus.

With over 1,000 Caucasus tour companies, choosing the right one can be overwhelming (fear of unexpected costs, logistic issues and false advertising of destinations). That’s why Taste of Georgia builds strong relationships with local partners for accommodation, transportation, and guiding. Carefully selected, we guarantee excellent value, no hidden fees, and ensure truly authentic experiences at every step of your organized adventure tours of Caucasus.

Quality Control:

We rigorously monitor all aspects of our tours to ensure they reflect our high standards. We personally take care of relationships with our partners, from small guesthouses in Svaneti known for their breathtaking mediavel towers and mountain peaks views to family-owned wineries in Kakheti renowned for their natural wines. We make sure your trip will be memorable and pleasant.

Choosing Cacuasus tour company is about more than just an itinerary. It’s about finding someone who shares your travel philosophy, your excitement for discovery of this region. Here at Taste of Georgia, we go beyond the youtube and guidebooks, we are locals, who live, keep and transform traditions, simple having everyday life and beliving in positive future for the region. We’re passionate about digging deep, unearthing the real flavors of our homeland – the secret family recipes like how to bake best Shkmeruli, visiting the vibrant old markets like Kutaisi central, and telling the stories behind every dish we make. Well, in the end, it’s all about becoming an adventurer. Having a good time, feeling the freedom, and exploring the Caucasus inside out await.

We believe in travel to the Caucasus that’s truly meaningful. That’s why we keep our groups small, grow connections with local inhabitants, and leave a positive impact wherever we go Sheki, Mestia, Areni, Gyumri, Ateni. Think of us as your trusted friends in Georgia and beyond, ready to show you an adventure of a lifetime.

Make memories, build connections, leave a small part of you in the region

Taste Georgia like a local. Indulge in regional cuisine freshly baked khachapuries, share stories with welcoming families at our handpicked homestays, and from locals get to know more the vibrant traditions that keep the Caucasus spirit alive.

Your travels with us support local crafters, help to build sustainable tourism efforts, and preserve the traditions of the Caucasus for generations to come.

local hosts

Local heroes, travel besties at epic Caucasus tours

Forget youtube travel tips and usual blogposts. At Taste of Georgia, our guides are assisting you to experience the truly Caucasus. Whether it’s Georgia, Armenia, or Azerbaijan tour, our local hero guides don’t just know these places, they live and breathe them. They’ll show you in Tbilisi the secret cafes locals idolize, translate menus filled with delicious Georgian dishes.

Whether you’re a foodie enthusiast fascinated by history, or a photography who loves hiking, our guides adapt to your perfect trip, their inside knowledge lets you squeeze every bit of Georgian sample out of your journey.

Local Guides

Become a Caucasus Explorer: Small Groups Big Adventures

Travel in the Caucasus the local way in a small intimate group. Good way for real connections with destinations. and the safety and comfort of a friendly environment.

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The Power of Small Groups

Traveling to the Caucasus with a group of no more than 8 like-minded adventurers unlocks personalized experiences, closer connections with nature and landscapes, and the freedom to create your own travel stories.

Book Ultimate Georgia Adventure tour package and travel with small group around Georgia

Solo Travelers, with Shared Experiences

Do you like the freedom of independent travel? but also enjoy being with others too?
Travelling solo or in a small group tour, Georgia is the best in both ways! Keeping your freedom spirit while enjoying being together with other fellows. This Caucasus explorer travel style welcomes anyone who seeks journeys, connection, and the flexibility of time that big groups just can’t offer.

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Comfort Makes Travel a Pleasure

With smaller amount of passengers, you’ll travel around regional countries in vehicles which are comfortable and modern. Have plenty of room to relax, stretch your legs, and find a comfortable position for your spine, and also store your luggage nicely.

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Visit Georgia and Armenia by Tbilisi Day Trips

New experiences without a huge time commitment, Georgia Day Tours pack an impression! visiting iconic landmarks like Gergeti trinity church on Kazbegi tour or Uplistikhe Cave Complex. Also taste local fresh fruits on the way to Gudarui resort via Georgian Millitary Road, or sample fine Georgian wines at Kakheti winery tours – all within a single day journeys. Whether you’re a solo traveler, a family with kids, a group of friends, or prefer to book a private one, day tours from Tbilisi offer something for everyone.

Why Georgia One Day Tours Are a Traveler’s Best Friend?

√ Gaining fascinating knowledge from local English speaking guides who know the best scenery views, give tips things to do and try. Also sharing stories of Georgia & Armenia.

√ Hassle-Free Adventures: Relax and let someone else handle the logistics while you focus on the fun side of the trip.

√ Maximize time, its perfect for short trips or those with tight schedules. fit incredible moments into your Georgia travel itinerary.

√ Full Day tours from Tbilisi give you the freedom to discover the unknown destination places at your own pace, enjoy insider access – all without the stress of planning.

√ Reviews provide honest insights, empowering you to choose the day tour that perfectly matches your expectations and promises an unforgettable time for your Georgia stay.

Also family-friendly Georgia holiday tours packages

Create cherished family memories in Georgia! We’ll design a custom vacation adventure with delicious local culinary classes, outdoor fun for all ages, and much more and ensure your children will love it.


Discover Sakartvelo Together: The Family Joys

Georgia Family-friendly vacation tours will make travelling with a large group an absolute breeze! Family tours are filled with exciting possibilities for you and your loved ones.

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Tailored Fun for Everyone

Learn more about local culture, traditions and heritage, conquer outdoor challenges like cycling with kids in the Great Caucasus mountains, or spend nice time into creative workshops with family members. These shared experiences spark laughter, strengthen bonds, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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Baking Georgian Bread Shoti. its part of Culinary & Wine Tours in Georgia

Because, Georgia Culinary & Wine Itineraries:

it's all about enjoying cooking, listening to stories, and learning unknown traditions

The finest soil, wheat, dough, and fresh spring water create the base of Georgian cuisine. Discover freshly baked Khachapuri, filled with melting cheese, culminating in incredible flavor and taste. Explore ancient winemaking techniques and savor warm Kartuli hospitality on our expertly crafted culinary and wine tours in Georgia.

Learn the secrets behind beloved recipes like Khinkali, Achma and Khachapuri with our hands or in cooking classes. These traditions have been passed down through family generations!

Visit small markets in the capital or Telavi filled with fresh local produce. Use possibility to meet small farmers in countryside dedicated to traditional practices and savor village-to-table feasts showcasing the best Georgia has to offer.

Uncover the art of Qvevri winemaking, a tradition born in Georgia. Visit small wineries and workshop places to meet clay masters who craft these iconic vessels and learn the time-honored techniques that create unique Kakhuri, Rachuli and Imeruli natural wines.

Taste of Georgia welcomes everyone eager to become a Caucasus explorer, authentic flavors and cultural connections:

√ Food enthusiasts seeking unforgettable Armenian and Georgian culinary adventures.
√ Wine lovers searching for rare vintages like Chitistvala, Buera, Jgia and Sakartvelo’s ancient traditions.
√ Hands-on learners passionate about mastering new skills.
√ Individuals, couples, and groups craving the warmth of Georgian hospitality.

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Travel in the Caucasus with us! As a Tbilisi-based Caucasus tour company, Taste of Georgia offers customizable Armenia & Georgia vacation tours, perfect for solo travelers, families with kids, friends groups, and personalize itineraries. Book one-day trips from Tbilisi, culinary journeys, and active outdoor explorations. Excellent value of journeys with a variety for every taste.

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