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authentic adventures That's right! Experience country in a way that goes beyond the ordinary. Our small group tours of Georgia offer different styles of adventures. With groups limited to just 8 people, you'll enjoy deeper connections, insider knowledge from local guides, and the freedom to truly immerse yourself in region.

Whether you're a solo traveler seeking new experiences, a family of all ages looking for build trip, or friends ready for a shared journey, our tour packages are designed for you. We handle all travel details, come with us on a worry-free Georgia small group adventure.

What to expect on Georgia Small Group Adventures: Trails, Legends, Culinary, and More

Food & Culinary Tours in Georgia

Journey through the soul of Georgia, one bite at a time in a smaller group setting! what to expect more on a Georgia food & wine tour? Food here isn’t just sustenance – it’s a window into our rich heritage, traditions, and the warmth of our people.  Join us on a culinary vacation where every dish whispers tales of history, where every flavor unveils a connection to the land and its bounty.

From fine wine and hot baked khachapuri, to freshly made Tbilisuri salad and the hearty dishes cooked on the wood-fire stoves of Svaneti, foodie tours are undoubtedly the best way to feel local life and guarantee no hungry bellies.

Immerse yourself in the spice-scented and fresh products markets of Telavi and Kutaisi, roam the vineyards of Kakheti, sample haute cuisine in the capital, or make your own Khinkali on the way to Kazbegi. And snack on street food for a true taste of Tbilisi.

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Georgia: In-depth Cultural Trips

There’s no better way to experience the true spirit of Georgia than by connecting with its people, traditions and cuisine. Get lost in the historical details of the Silk Road. You’re invited to our organized cultural adventures around Georgia with smaller group.

Designed for the adventurer who wants to have a good time and a bit of everything at excellent value. Sightseeing through iconic landmarks, unlocking secrets of the past of the country, hiking to see sunrise views and mud volcanoes.

With so many places to visit and truly feel in-depth culture, that’s why we offer Georgia explorer cultural tour packages, combining maximum adventure with minimal time commitment. Curated to ignite your sense of adventure without limits, entice you to try something new, and make you fall in love with Georgia.

Active Adventures Packages of Georgia

Activity holidays in Georgia offer dive into adventures from spring to autumn. Explore breathtaking alpine terrain in the Greater Caucasus on foot or by bike and enjoy creating your 2024 summer getaway saga. Discover the unmissable moon-like landscapes of the Gareja semi-desert on horseback and immerse yourself in the excitment adrenaline activities of Vashlovani National Park. Whether you seek thrilling challenges or scenic hikes, our Georgia small group active tours will satisfy your thirst for adventure.

Experience Georgia’s majestic mountains and remote villages through hiking, trekking, and walking adventures with small group. We offer a plenty of active journeys to suit all fitness levels (Easy, Moderate and Serious). Embark on an easy half-day hike like the Gergeti Trail, or challenge yourself with tenting and trekking in Svaneti and Tusheti.

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Choose Your Georgia Small Group adventure tours: 2024-2026​

Each day’s itinerary of our Georgia tours is designed to make you feel like an intrepid adventurer. We make Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia small group travel easy and limited to 8 travelers each.

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Travel in the Caucasus with us! As a Tbilisi-based Caucasus tour company, Taste of Georgia offers customizable Armenia & Georgia vacation tours, perfect for solo travelers, families with kids, friends groups, and personalize itineraries. Book one-day trips from Tbilisi, culinary journeys, and active outdoor explorations. Excellent value of journeys with a variety for every taste.

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