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8 DAY TOUR starts/end in Tbilisi


Best Georgian highlights with delicious food & wine on Flavors of Georgia tour.

Georgian regional gastronomic adventure is a delightful balance of wineries, cooking, and touring, with an excellent value. Indulge with fun cooking classes in Samegrelo, Racha and Kakheti. Also collect local family recipes and sample the finest local spirits. In this Georgia culinary & wine small group tour you can taste the best Kakhuri, natural amber wines and learn the secrets of how it's produced with ancient traditions to a fine quality. Indulge in the warm hospitality and wisdom of enthusiastic winemakers, scroll Tbilisi on foot at foodie experiences and scoop up fresh herbs and spices at the local food market.

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Trip Type: Small Group
Small group experience
Group Max. Size: 8 Travellers
Smaller group journeys
Travel Style: Food & Culinary; Custom; Fully Guided; Explorer; Personalized; In-depth Cultural
Minimum Age: 18
Maximum Age: 85
Physical Rating: Easy


Highlights of delicious food & wine adventure tour package: Flavors of Georgia

Start and end in Tbilisi, With the Food & Culinary tour small Group Flavors of Georgia : Food & Wine Lovers, you have a 8 days tour package taking you through Georgia and Kakheti, Racha, Shida Kartli, Samegrelo, Kakheti, Tbilisi and couple other destinations in Georgia. Flavors of Georgia : Food & Wine Lovers (Small Group Tour) includes accommodation in a hotel as well as an expert guide, meals, transport and more.

  • Delve into culture and learn cooking tips & tricks in a typical Georgian family environment Ojakhshi.
  • Discover the very best of Tbilisi through its rich cuisine and colorful street food.
  • Taste the best Georgian natural wines and learn the ancient tradition of producing it.
  • Visit farmhouses to find organic local products: tomatoes, cheeses, walnuts and more.
  • Get an authentic local lifestyle experience.

What more expect from tour Flavors of Georgia - Food & Wine Lovers

Why Choose Taste of Georgia

As a Tbilisi-based tour operator we carefully design personalized touring services granting special access for a uniquely vibrant journey throughout Georgia, and beyond. Learn more

8 Day Itinerary of Georgia Culinary & Wine Trip

to Georgia! Your transfer from TBS awaits for a smooth ride to your hotel in Tbilisi. Enjoy some free time before 2 pm, then meet in the hotel lobby with our leader and ask any questions you may have. Afterward, at 3 pm a Tbilisi street food tour, walk through the atmosphere of Old Tbilisi’s illuminated landmarks, lively narrow streets, and stories of the capital. Eat and drink as locals do. During the tour your guide will share with you a lot about the history, culture, lifestyle and gastronomy of Tbilisi and the region while passing the most important monuments and little hidden gems of the capital. In the end join a delicious welcome group wine bar scroll together. It’s a great chance to get to know each other and fellow travelers a little, this is going to be special.

After breakfast start your winery experience at 8 am, you will drive to west part of Georgia, and specially to Imereti region famous with Khachapuri type Imeruli,  Enjoy scenic views of the Georgian countryside as you journey west to the heart of Imereti, birthplace of the iconic Imeruli khachapuri. Along the way, your guide will share fascinating stories of Georgian culture. You’ll first visit city Bagdadi, where you will be taken on a private tour of two family-owned marina (wine cellars) and tasting of the numerous wines with a range of local products. The whole wine making process will be explained. 

Continue your culinary adventure to the region of Samegrelo, known for its distinctive khachapuri variations and flavorful milk products. Here you will visit two wineries to sample fine wines and Georgian cuisine hands-on cooking class starts.

Today we enjoy stunning mountain landscapes while crossing the Caucasus Mountains two regions Racha and Lechkhumi awe-inspiring landscapes. First, we’ll delve into Lechkhumi, where vineyards cling to steep slopes, their roots drawing rich minerals from the mountains. This region is renowned for its rare and precious Usakhelauri and Tvishi grapes.  Proceed up until 400- meters above sea level and discover the breathtaking views of mountain land. Then, we’ll visit a family-run winery nestled within this stunning setting. Here after the guided tour of cellars, you will try natural wines with organic products.

Continuing our journey through the awe-inspiring Caucasus, we ascend into the even higher altitudes of the Racha region. Here visit small wineries to sample natural wines. After near Ambrolauri, staying in a guest house to enjoy a nice evening wine tasting and have a small cooking class, get ready to get your hands full of flour preparing delicious and Racha region dishes like shkmeruli, lobiani and lori.

Look forward to more Georgia adventures today and travel towards the majestic crisscrossing mountains to the village Tkemlovani. Here, you’ll first visit a pottery studio specializing in Kvevri, the ancient wine jars that give Georgian wine its unique character. These vessels represent tradition, innovation, and the finest ingredients – the keys to a special wine experience. Our journey continues to the Uplistsikhe Cave complex, an ancient city carved into the sandstone cliffs. where you’ll discover ancient Qvevris and enjoy beautiful views of the valley with the river Mtkvari. After a guided tour, we’ll  travel along a scenic mountain village in Shida Kartli. Our next stop is the Ateni Gorge known for its lush fruit orchards, rich history, and cliffside vineyards. Here we will visit a small local winery to taste some home made wines and see the oldest cellar in that village. Your day culminates at a family-owned winery guest house nestled amidst the vineyards and the 7th-century Ateni Church.  Tonight, foodies will feast on delicious homemade dishes paired with local natural wines.

Wake up, sleepyheads! Today, we’ll taste more wines and delicious food. We will travel first to Chateau Mukhrani which was established in 1878 by Ivane Mukhranbatoni, a member of the royal Bagrationi dynasty. person who introduced the concept of a European-style chateau to Georgia. Here you can learn more about how Château combines traditional Georgian winemaking techniques with modern French methods, aiming to create high-quality wines. After the tour you will sample their wines. We’ll continue our trip to a small family owned iago winery. Also, Iago’s wife and family will prepare lunch for you. It’s a nice combination of iago’s wine and family made food. After a delightful lunch, we’ll journey through the Gombori Pass, taking in the heart of Kakheti wine country. Discover the ancient craft of Qvevri, where wine is fermented in large clay vessels buried underground. After a workshop and tasting of homemade spirits, we’ll visit another local winery.  Your day culminates with a delicious supper amidst the vineyards. Tonight, wine enthusiasts will savor an abundance of homemade Georgian dishes paired with unique natural wines.

Wake up, wine lovers! Today’s adventure is all about delicious wines and mouth watering food. at 10.00am  from the city center with the local guide/chef. Have a visit of Telavi Food Market, where local farmers, fishermen and butchers sell their fresh goods. Select products for your class and with personal guidance from your chef learn culinary secrets of cooking homemade khachapuri, Tkemali, Mtsvadi, fish and vegetables dishes in a traditional Georgian style. After lunch you will drive through Alazani valley, mainly the wine production area of Georgia, here you will visit two wineries to taste famous and unknown Kakhuri wines like Mtsvane, Saperavi, Rkatsiteli, Chitistvala, Jgia and more. After the trip you drive back to the hotel. 

Begin your final day Georgian food and wine adventure starts with a city tour of Sighnaghi, a cozy historical town perched atop a hill, offering stunning views of the Alazani Valley and the Greater Caucasus Mountains. The narrow streets of the Sighnaghi  district are lined with bricks and light wooden merchants’ houses, many of which are 150 to 250 years old. After that drive to Sagarejo, Manavi and Badiauri, we will stop to see how Georgian make homemade Shoti bread, and will try to repeat their moves and make our own bread in tone. After to discover two more family-owned wineries where you’ll taste Manavi Mtsvane wines and special edition Saperavi, before returning to Tbilisi

Breakfast in a hotel. Pick up in the hotel by your Driver and transfer to Tbilisi airport according to your flight departure time. Usually 3 hours before the flight.

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Book 8 days tour package to Georgia: Flavors of Georgia - Food & Wine Lovers
Why Georgia small group travel?

Georgia small group tours led by locals guidesis a great chance to contribute to folks communities, support promote sustainable tourism in Georgia and enjoy your freedom of adventure alongside like-minded explorers.

What's Included


Experienced English-speaking driver and guide throughout the tour.


4-star Hotel in Tbilisi (2 nts), other locally family owned small guesthouses (5 nts)


✔7 Breakfasts
✔4 Lunches
✔5 Dinner

Included Services

✔Arrive Transfer from TBS to Tbilisi Hotel
✔ Tbilisi food city tour and snacks
✔ Wine tastings (more than 70 wines & chacha) & 21 cellar tours
✔ Cooking class in Telavi
✔ Cooking class in Martvili
✔ Cooking class in Ambrolauri
✔ Sighnaghi walking tour
✔ Pottery studio visit
✔ Food market guided tour
✔ Uplistikhe guided tour
✔ Departure Transfer from Tbilisi hotel to TBS

itinerary notes

Other meals are not included to give you the maximum flexibility in deciding where, what and with whom to eat.

Suggestion for restaurants, cafes, and lunch places will be given with the final program.

Please get attention to all accommodations are subject to change until 4-6 weeks before the departure date.

Final accommodation details will be provided to you with your finalized travel documents.


You will be responsible for booking your own international flights. We additionally recommend you do not book your airfare until your place on the tour is confirmed. Please make sure to check the times that your tour will start and end before booking your flights.

When you sign up for a Taste of Georgia tour, you are required to secure adequate travel insurance cover for the duration of your trip. If you cannot provide Taste of Georgia with proof of adequate travel insurance prior to the start of your tour, you will not be permitted to embark on day one.

The requirements include the following coverage:

Trip Interruption

Trip Delay

Medical Expenses 

Quarantine Expenses and Emergency


The insurance must also cover medical costs.

  • Entrance fees in winery and Uplistsikhe cave complex
  • Pre and post-tour accommodation
  • Tipping
  • Other meals, snacks and drinks

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What to expect

  • Tailor-made tour package from scratch
  • Experience country your way (group of min. 2 travelers)
  • Optimize your accommodation
  • Complete control over every detail

After requesting a quote private tour package of Georgia our trips planning specialist will get back to you with initial draft based on your price, needs and requirements.

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