Authentic Georgia & Armenia Journeys with Small Group

Seamlessly explore the colorful Caucasus region on our small-group journeys. Choose the active multi-day vacation package that’s right for you: cycle the historic Silk Road, trek through the Greater Caucasus, immerse yourself in Georgia’s natural beauty, visit Armenia’s ancient sites, or discover the highlights of Azerbaijan. We carefully plan each itinerary to match your travel interests. Sure, this means more incredible places, deeper connections and vivid memories on your Caucasus tours.

With Taste of Georgia, small is truly special! Because, we've designed comprehensive Georgia & Armenia tour itineraries that include must-see highlights alongside lesser-known places. English-speaking local guides accompany you from start to end of your journey, eager to answer all your questions in depth.

These multi-day tours of Caucasus are ideal for solo travelers and couples seeking shared organized adventure. Plus, our groups are limited to just 8 people, ensuring you'll enjoy more personal attention, freedom, and flexibility during your stay.

Multi-day Caucasus Adventure Tours Packages 2024/25

Each day’s itinerary of our Caucasus tours is designed to make you feel like an intrepid adventurer. We make Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia small group travel easy and limited to 8 travelers each.

What to Expect on a Small Group Caucasus Adventures

Can’t wait to see The Greater Caucasus Range Mountains? Curious of ancient traditions? Want to escape everyday? Hey, we feel it, we’ll help you uncover the true spirit of the region with organized smaller group adventures.

Hike with your buddy through breathtaking mountain landscapes in Svaneti and Tusheti, as your guide shares stories of this mystical region. Or Indulge in the warm hospitality and wisdom of enthusiastic winemakers, sampling endless varieties of Georgian natural wines produced with ancient traditions of winemaking. doesn’t that sound tempting?

Georgia & Azerbaijan Group Trips

Covering approximately 156,300 sq. km, Georgia and Azerbaijan blend Eastern and Western influences along the southern border of the Greater Caucasus. Here, you’ll find charming coastal towns bustling with historical sites and energy along the Caspian and Black Seas, and rise into the Caucasus Mountains with their medieval villages like Adishi and Truso. The region enjoys remarkable cultural and natural diversity, while you can explore with us off-road trails, go cycling, or ride horseback through stunning landscapes with Caucasus multi-day tours packages. Sounds good, right?

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Dream Big, Travel Smaller on a Caucasus Group Tour

No need for a travel mass, your big dreams can fit in a small group of journeys in Georgia. Why? a whole bunch of reasons: more individualized manners, deeper connections, promises a lasting impression, And the best part is to ensure the results you want where everyone’s voice is heard and your pace is set. That defines the small group experience. Want to see what’s more multi-day activities out there?

Embark South Caucasus on a Multi-day Adventures

Explore the borders of Eurasia on a perfectly planned multi-day tour, which covers Caucasian main states. Group departures start from Tbilisi, Baku, Batumi, Kutaisi or Yerevan. Transportation, comfy stays, delicious meals, all seamlessly included into. Shall we peek?

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Small group Caucasus tours, trips & travel packages - all you need to know

Mainly escorted tours of season 2024/25 take place at Georgia, with once-in-a-lifetime experiences, taking you to immersing yourself in major cities of the country or discovering delightful mountain villages of the country, get unique experiences Georgian cuisines indulge in their delicious local produce and taste the local wines. Find out insider perspectives from locals living who share their life stories. We’ll make sure you have time to get to know more about and appreciate Caucasus’s culture, history and people. The region generally has so many jaw-dropping scenery, landmarks and surprises to you.

Perks of travelling with a small group

Not all small group tours are created to be the same. They come in all age and sizes, tailored to fit your age, energy levels, and passions. Whether you’re into exploring iconic landmarks of Armenia or diving deep into specific interests like hiking to Tusheti trails, cycling to Truso, photography in Javakheti, wildlife of Vashlovani, or culinary delights of Racha, there’s a tour for you. From trips suitable for all ages to family-friendly active vacations, solo traveler escapes, or women’s only getaways. epic stories to tell back home.

As avid travelers, we recognize the financial considerations that come with planning a vacation. This is why we prioritize delivering trips that are not only filled with personalized attention but also offer exceptional value and quality. From your overnight places to the activities you’ll include, we carefully set up every aspect of your journey, ensuring all bundled into one upfront price.

Experiences that are difficult to do alone
When exploring independently, it’s common to lose yourself in phone screens to find locations on maps and reading guidebooks, or worse, waste precious vacation time navigating rental car offices in Tbilisi. However, why dedicate a single moment of your getaway to terrain tasks? escorted group expeditions are carefully planned to transform even the most routine aspects, such as mini bus rides, into enriching experiences through insightful storytelling by your local guide.

Now you’re probably wondering, what’s out there, things to do and see?”

Transcaucasus definitely impresses with diversity, so many nationalities, cultures, languages (only in Georgia is five). Region that divides geographical Eurasia is such tiny land but caters to foodies with its gastronomy food, wine and fresh great local produce. You can spend a week in the Caucasus States and experience something wildly different every day. Yes, you read that right.

Travel to Caucasus region with small group tour packages; read more about our Caucasus Tours

The Bonuses of Small Group Caucasus Itineraries

Group of 8 only!

truly smaller size than usual small group of solo travelers, couples, and friendships, united by a shared passion for authentic Caucasus experiences.

In a small, welcoming group,

your questions to your guide about the Caucasus are always encouraged and won’t interrupt others. Ask as many questions as you wish – the more you ask, the more memorable your journey becomes!

Benefits of traveling small group

Enjoy added flexibility – you don’t have to venture off the beaten path solo anymore. Skip the lines – You’ll always be first.

Meet Your Personal Tour Planner

Discover Georgia beyond the ordinary with our local tour planning specialists, with their intimate knowledge of the region, will design an itinerary that resonates with your interests, from choosing must-see destinations to uncovering hidden gems. They will provide helpful tips to ensure a seamless journey.

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Travel in the Caucasus with us! As a Tbilisi-based Caucasus tour company, Taste of Georgia offers customizable Armenia & Georgia vacation tours, perfect for solo travelers, families with kids, friends groups, and personalize itineraries. Book one-day trips from Tbilisi, culinary journeys, and active outdoor explorations. Excellent value of journeys with a variety for every taste.

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